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About Terramin Mesh Marketing

Company name: Terramin Mesh Marketing SRL

Initial investment: 200 RON

Company registration number: J40/5643/2018

Tax identification code: 39241160

Director: Oren Meshoulam


Aleea POIANA MARE, Nr. 4, Bucharest, Romania


Company name: BMB Creative Events S.R.L

Initial investment: 200 RON

Tax identification code: 38657637

Director: Maria Popescu


Soseaua Dobroesti, no 25P, Ap.33, Et.4

022343 Bucuresti



Your personal information is confidential and in no case will be forwarded to third parties except for the service to operate effectively. Where personal information is requested, it is required for the proper operation of our services. Without provision of the information requested, we would not be able to render our services.

Intellectual property

This entire website encompasses Romanian and international legislation under copyright laws and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved including images and photographs.

All content reproductions and representations require prior formal permission from Terramin Mesh Marketing. Failure to observe this requirement constitutes a copyright infringement leading to legal civil action against the author.

It is strictly prohibited to use or copy the name of Terramin Mesh Marketing and its logo in title or other format, without prior written consent from Terramin Mesh Marketing.

Terramin Mesh Marketing Responsibilities

The information included on the Terramin Mesh Marketing site could change at any time. Terramin Mesh Marketing should not be held responsible for outdated content. The information can be modified or updated without notice.

Terramin Mesh Marketing is not responsible for whatever direct or indirect damage that may incur, missing information, errors or an inability to access the site.

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